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Getting Started: Creating Videos with Templates

0:00 - Choosing a Pre-Made Template
0:45 - Managing Your Scenes
1:05 - Choose Another Scene
1:55 - Adding Your Own Text
3:00 - Setting When Assets Appear and Disappear
4:00 - Creating and Downloading Your Final Video
4:40 - Replace Todd's Voiceover with Text to Speech
5:20 - Personalizing the Voiceover with our own lines

Advanced Training: Using the Blank Canvas

0:00 - Starting From Scratch with A Blank Canvas
0:10 - Managing Your Scenes
0:30 - Exporing Built-in Assets to Add to Scenes
1:00 - Adding, Resizing, and Flipping Assets
1:40 - Arranging Assets on Top of or Behind Others
2:20 - Setting When Assets Appear and Disappear
2:45 - Adding Animations to Assets when Enter and Leave
4:10 - Adding A Voiceover
4:20 - Uploading Your Own Audio or Using Agency Audio Files
4:40 - Using Text to Speech
5:10 - Choosing a Voice
5:30 - How to use Automatic Translation and Other Languages
6:28 - Adding Background Music
6:55 - Setting the Volume Level for the Background Music
7:12 - Setting a Background Image For Your Scene
7:40 - Deleting an Asset from the Scene
8:20 - Uploading Your Own Assets into the Scene
8:50 - Adding a Watermark To Your Scene (Agency)
9:40 - Exploring The Toolbar
9:42 - Saving and Loading Projects
10:20 - My Purchases: The Member's Area and Purchasing Upgrades
10:45 - Create Subaccounts with the Agency Upgrade
11:20 - Accessing Training, Customer Support, and Bonuses

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Adding A Voice To Your Videos

0:00 - Adding Voices to Your Video
0:25 - Using Text to Speech with Translation
2:30 - Creating Text to Speech from Onscreen Text Boxs
4:15 - Using Readymade Music and Voice Clips
4:30 - Adding Background Music
5:00 - Setting the Volume Level for the Background Music
5:20 - Using Built-in Agency Voiceovers
5:53 - Uploading Your Own Audio Clips
6:50 - Recording Your Own Voice Inside the App

AnimationStudio Case Studies & Client Getting Training Part 1

Client Getting Training Part #2 (Where To Sell Your Videos Created With Animation Studio)

JVZOO Interviews Paul Ponna & Todd Gross About AnimationStudio

AnimationStudio became a bestseller worldwide within days of release. JVZOO one the fastest growing companies in USA (featured twice on Inc. 5000 list) interviewed Todd and Paul about AnimationStudio and their journey. Some mind-blowing information was revealed in this interview!

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